What is necessary to implement the changes/reforms described in the previous section?

Rationale. Public managers are expected to hold a diverse finance-related skillset. They must know how to understand financial statements, prepare budgets, develop cost estimates, and provide objective advice and recommendations to disparate stakeholders. This assignment pulls together many of these elements into a single project that allows students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world phenomena. Done properly, the project is a great contribution to students’ career portfolios. Directions. Select a specific public good or service, or an element of government operations, and analyze the cost of that good or service in a 7 – 10 page, single-spaced paper. It is advisable to select goods or services with defined clienteles, as it is consequently easier to determine a per-client or perunit cost and thus propose, assess, and recommend alternative service delivery mechanisms at lower costs or different levels of quality or comprehensiveness. Papers should satisfy the following elements: 1. Provide a comprehensive description of the public good or service or element of governmental operations. 2. Identify and describe in detail the current costs of provision. What are all the financial inputs necessary to produce your selected public good or service? How is that funding demand met – taxes? Grants? Fees? How many people directly and/or indirectly benefited from the good or service? What is the per-client cost? Make sure to include all on-budget and off-budget costs, as well as anything that may be “hidden.” 3. Identify and describe alternative provision methods. Are there ways to remove costs from provision? If so, what are they, and how much would they save? Alternatively, are there other arrangements that provide a better good or service at the same cost? If so, describe these arrangements. Regardless of your approach, discuss the tradeoffs 4. Formulate an implementation plan. What is necessary to implement the changes/reforms described in the previous section? Be sure to identify all relevant stakeholders and assess the political feasibility of what you propose.
Formatting. Papers must use an 11- or 12-point font in black ink with page margins of one inch on all sides. Papers should be 7 – 10 single-spaced pages. Evaluation. Papers are graded for completeness, depth of analysis, accuracy, and correct grammar. Submissions that in the instructor’s judgment use excessive non-text elements to meet the page requirement will be penalized. Scores on this paper represent 25% of the overall semester grade. Academic Integrity. Standard rules for academic integrity apply to all aspects of this assignment. All alleged instances of plagiarism or other student conduct code violations will be reported to Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards with a recommended sanction of course failure.

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