What is terrorism?

Outline for CJUS 480 Research Paper for Joshua Smith

What is terrorism? (Definitions + Quotations from different journals)
Islamic Perspective
Quranic Verses
Islamic History
Terrorism: Present and Past
Root causes of terrorism
Social and political injustice
Lack of Education (low literacy rate)
Extremism and ethnicity
Historical antecedents of political violence
Poverty, Inflation and Economic downturn
Non-democratic government
Militancy and Anti inter-religion harmony sentiments
Lack of tolerance
Effects of terrorism
Political instability
Psychological Stress
Poverty and unemployment
Minimal FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
Maximum International borrowings (Loans)
Ways to combat terrorism
Dialogue: A course to combat terrorism
Vigilant check on religious and social clerics
Empowered Anti-money laundering Procedures
Media Support to propagate anti-terrorism sentiments
Secure defense mechanism
Social Media Accountability
Background Checks on Refugees
References and Bibliography

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