What is the ideal mix of carbohydrates/protein/fat for this/these activity(s)?

Topics for Discussion

As you investigate, please be sure to collect the information below for discussion. Keep in mind this is NOT a copy/paste activity (penalty for plagiarism is severe!). All of these topics must be addressed in detail to receive credit.

(1) Think of (or find) a medication you have taken or otherwise know about. Research that medication and report the following:


a. Trade Name and picture of medication
b. Generic Name
c. CAS Number
d. What is it used for?
e. Upload the structure of the molecule to the Resources area in your Workspace and embed it in your post by linking to it. Or, you can directly link to it on the web if the picture is on its own webpage. PLEASE DIRECT THE LINK OF THE PICTURE.
f. Identify the common functional groups on your molecule (see Table 18.7 in the text).
g. On what part of the body, system in the body or receptors in the body does this medication act on?
h. If your medication’s description uses buzz words like “antihistamine”, “dopamine reuptake inhibitor” or “beta blocker,” etc. please describe what these words mean.
i. Are there any “natural” alternatives to this particular medication? Are they as effective? Which would you feel more comfortable using–natural or herbal remedies, or FDA approved pharmaceutical medications? Why? What is your opinion regarding “alternative medicine” in general. Is it scientifically supported?

(2) We all require a particular combination of nutrients to fuel our activities. Whether we run 10 miles, climb rock faces or sit at a desk all day, we still require fuel for our bodies to function. Consider what you do in a day or weekend and report the following:

a. Activity in a day (or weekend)
b. Calories required to fuel that/those activity(s) (include your basal metabolic rate from a source like: http://health.discovery.com/centers/heart/basal/basal.html)
c. What is the ideal mix of carbohydrates/protein/fat for this/these activity(s)?
d. Provide a menu for a day that meets the ideal mix indicated in (c) as well as the calories reported in (b).
e. Compare your findings in (d) with what you currently consume in a day when you partake of this/those activity(s). How does (e) compare to (d)? Include your sources of information

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