What kinds of recommendations can you offer that might encourage more women to seek public offices?.

Project description
I will attach two articles that must be referenced throughout parts of the paper, in addition to 3 other credible sources (that must be researched and referenced as well). I will attach the paper guidelines. The main ideas and questions that must be answered throughout this entire paper are: 1. What is the relationship between gender and peace? and 2. What kinds of recommendations can you offer that might encourage more women to seek public offices?. These are the main points that should be discussed in the paper and only reliable and scholarly sources must be referenced and cited. The articles must be read and a thesis must be written as a central part of the entire paper. Please come up with a fabulous and very attractive thesis and please make sure it relates to the 2 articles I have sent as well as the 3 you will find. This is 30% of my grade and I have been dealing with a few losses that I just can’t afford another loss in school at this point. The subject is Peace and Conflict Studies which is not listed in the main subject areas at the top, but my research paper topic involves Gender and Peace Conflict so please focus on the peace and Conflict aspects of the gender conflict and write the paper accordingly. Please make this paper very organized with a nice flow and please do not overdo the grammar with big words. Please just make sure that the sentences are not too complex and pretty easy to understand – still with impressive grammar, but not overdone or hard for me to understand and interpret myself. Please and thank you!

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