What made you think, or what changed your mind about something?

Please read the article, “Making and Breaking Rules: A Manager’s Viewpoint,” by Zook. This article is available on our Canvas site, and it is also available through our SVSU library databases.

Here is the complete citation:
Zook, Lola M. “Making And Breaking Rules: A Manager’s Viewpoint.” Technical Communication 50.4 (2003): 465-470. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 4 Nov. 2015.

Please write a 600 word summary and response to the article. You should include:
• An introduction that makes clear what article you are responding to, gives us an idea of the article’s thesis, and hints at your own response.
• One or two paragraphs that summarize the article. Recap the authors’ primary thesis, and then tell your readers in greater detail (paraphrase) a specific section of the article. What section in here really caught your attention? What surprised or informed you? What made you think, or what changed your mind about something?
• After summarizing and/or paraphrasing the article, write one or two paragraphs responding to the article. Explain why you chose the particular section you chose, and answer one or more of the questions above (in the previous bullet point).
• Make sure your last paragraph ties everything together. Consider adding something here that will make your readers think about a bigger picture or about how this article might affect them or a class of people.

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