What point or argument do you want to make about your topic?

This is an opportunity for you to decide on your topic and thesis (See Progression 3 Essay Prompt for full selection of topic choices). What point or argument do you want to make about your topic? You can always change or refine your argument later. What have other authors said about this issue or topic? How is your argument different? Why does this argument matter? Explain in 200 words

Progression 3 Essay Prompt: Write an argumentative essay in which you make a claim about a social justice issue. I have chosen this topic because in the book Every Day, A is exposed to many social justice issues through his experiences in different bodies. The following topics are all touched upon in the novel. You will select a topic from the following issues: drug addiction; LGBTQ issues; poverty/unequal distribution of wealth; labor issues (underage workers/exploitation of undocumented workers); animal rights; identity theft; mental illness/depression; obesity; women’s rights. Your essay should have a clear thesis/argument about this particular issue. Include at least three secondary sources (either summarized/paraphrased or quoted) in your essay.

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