What was our country like during the Gilded Age?

Who, exactly, were the Progressives? One historian writes that they “offered an impressive array of reform proposals.” Why did they do so? What was our country like during the Gilded Age? What, exactly, were these proposals and what benefit did they bring to “life in these United States?” To what extent was the nation altered by their proposals? Please explain why the U.S. did (or did not) become a “kinder, gentler nation” as a result of the Progressive movement. Finally, how do some historians assess the Progressives? What examples from the Progressive Era and from today can you provide to support or refute their arguments?

Your response to the question must be typed—twelve point font, double-spaced.
In writing your answer, please do not exceed five pages.
2) In your response, try to mainly use only your assigned text(s), the instructor’s
handouts, or class notes taken from discussions. You may use additional
library or internet scholarly sources.
3) Your generalizations must be supported by direct citations from the text, class
notes, or instructor’s handouts.
4) Citations should be made in MLA format. For class notes or presentations, you
might use: (Discussion Board 1) or (class notes) or (Zinn 23).
Note: You must cite parenthetically throughout your narrative. Please follow this format. There
should be many citations throughout your response taken from the sources noted above because
assumptions and interpretations must be bolstered by citations.
The strength of your response is dependent largely upon your citation of the assigned sources.
5) Do not include a bibliography.
6) You may consult with your classmates in formulating an answer to this question.
However, you must write your own, unique, independent answer to this question.

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