What was the sampling approach and procedures?

Article Critique
Total Pages: 5+ Pages
APA Format & Double Space
Select a quantitative evidence-based research article related to our class project. You can use on of the articles you used in your first assignment.
A. Discuss the study This summary should be in your words with only a few direct quotes.
1. What was the target population?
2. What was the study population?
3. What was the unit of analysis?
4. What was the study design used?
5. What was the sampling approach and procedures?
6. Specify at least 2 critical measures used?
B. Critique the article – Discuss the major issues with respect to the:
1. the target, study population, and unit of analysis
2. the design, (include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of this design and
discuss the threats to internal and external validity).
3. the sampling procedures
4. the measures (be sure to include reliability and validity and be specific as to the types we
in class)
5. the results/findings.
This critique should be in your words and it should identify both strengths and weaknesses of the research.
A hard copy of the assignment must be submitted. Students are responsible to keep a copy of any work submitted.
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On the paper assignment document. The instructions are on the second page. Please disregard the first page of the document.

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