What was the scope of the study?

For the MMWR Term Paper, find a recent publication/paper within CDC’s MMWR from http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/ that describes an epidemiologic study. Make sure the article describes an exposure and an outcome that was investigated. Also, make sure that it describes what population was used and how the data on the exposure and outcome were collected.

Make sure the MMWR article is not an announcement, a review of ecological or cross-sectional data or a review of some performance metrics. You are looking for a study that looked at some cause-effect relationship.

In your paper, your purpose is to apply your learning in epidemiology to make the study and disease/health issue more accessible to an audience (the reader) as well as to analyze the MMWR study over-all.

The paper needs to be 4 pages, double-spaced summarizing the major points of the MMWR investigation/discovery/report. The pages for the APA formatted citations and a cover page are in addition to the 4 content pages.

The paper should include:

Introduction – (1/2 page) Overview of the study outlining the purpose of the MMWR paper (be sure to mention the exact study you are exploring early, if not in the title of your assignment;

Body – (3 pages) How the health issue was approached. To do this, you may answer the following questions:

· How was the disease defined?

· What was the scope of the study?

· Did the authors apply descriptive epidemiology and how was it used in the study.

· What determinants of health were discussed?

· How did the study address association and/or causality and to what degree is the study asserting a relationship with the disease and risk factors/determinants?

· What type of study design is this—and is it a good study design for the issue at hand?

Conclusion – (1/2 page), provide your own analyses of the MMWR study—if there was anything you would have hoped they included that they didn’t or anything was included which you would not have, and justify your assertions with points from the course or outside sources concerning the disease in question.

References – (pages at the end of the paper for APA style references)—you may use outside resources to further your analyses of the study beyond the MMWR posting (which should also be cited);

Remember: Times New Roman with 12-point font, the pages should have 1 point spacing (double spaced), and margins should all be 1 inch

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