What were the social, political and economic conditions the time when the specific object (s) was (were) made?

This is a museum project assignment; for writing your paper you are expected to visit a major archaeological museum, e.g. Metropolitan Museum of Art or Brooklyn Museum. For your project choose an artifact or a group of related artifacts; this could belong to any of the major collections of the museum (e.g. Near Eastern Art, Greek and Roman Art, Egyptian Art). It could also be dated to any chronological period from 3000 BCE – 300 BCE and represent different art categories, e.g. pottery, sculpture, wall painting, metalwork, etc. First Part: • OBJECT IDENTITY a) category (e.g. pottery, sculpture, jewelry, wall painting, coins, etc. ) b) place of discovery c) date, d) material , e) use f) artist or architect (if known). Second Part: • Discuss the following questions: What were the social, political and economic conditions the time when the specific object (s) was (were) made? What were the major historical events? Why is it important to study archaeological remains of past civilizations? Instructions: Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, excluding bibliography and references. You should use Times New Roman 12 font. At the end of the paper you should have the Bibliography used. References, which you could put either at each page or at the end of your essay, should be written in a consistent documentation style, according to the AJA/APA or MLA annotation system. You should use at least three of the sources listed at the “Suggested Readings” section at the end of each chapter of your textbook. Internet sources are acceptable, as long as they are fully and properly cited. You should also indicate in detail the sources of any images used (photos, architectural plans, reconstructions, etc.). In any case, any kind of plagiarism will result to an F grade for the paper

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