What would be a good plan to recommend to Greg’s parents?

Describe the issue of exposure to video-game violence in today’s society as related to Greg’s situation. Explore issues such as:

Prevalence (e.g., age, gender, racial diversity, etc.)
Given Greg’s developmental level, what are possible dangers of exposure to media violence? Be sure to address this in the context of his cognitive and associational development.
Risk and protective factors, including predisposition to violence (e.g., are all children who play violent video-games likely to become more aggressive? What protective factors might mitigate the possible outcomes for Greg?
Discuss the possible outcomes if Greg’s behavior continues unchecked.
Discuss types of intervention strategies you would expect his parents to find at a community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social service agencies, to assist children like Greg who are at risk due to ongoing exposure to media violence.
What would be a good plan to recommend to Greg’s parents?
Compare the dangers of exposure to video-game violence with other forms of violence. What are similarities and differences between video-game violence exposure and the other type of violence you chose to compare?
What are the costs of video-game violence to the family and the community and society at large and the other form of violence you chose for comparison?

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