Which Michigan City will you report on?

Read background “Federal Reserve Brief”.

2) Review possible cities and decide on your city choice.
• If you choose Detroit, you may want to narrow it down to a neighborhood, such as one from the following link: http://www.modeldmedia.com/cities/ Examples include (but are not limited to) Boston Edison, Corktown, Downtown, East Riverfront, East Side, Eastern Market, Grandmont Rosedale, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Jefferson East Corridor, Lafayette Park, Mexicantown, Midtown, Near East Side, New Center Area, Palmer Park, Southwest Detroit, The Villages, Woodbridge.
• If you choose any other city in Michigan, you will probably be able to consider the entire city.

3) Find your references.
• The library is a good place to start. The library has not only direct access to sources (including some paid subscriptions), but also recordings and documents about finding sources and using APA style.
• For current information, you will likely use newspapers, news feeds, news sites, or news magazines. Be sure facts are obtained from legitimate sources and not from opinion pages, blogs, or biased websites. If in doubt, ask your instructor. One good method is to verify the sources that are listed, the credentials of the editor, and/or the credentials of the author. Articles without an author identified and without sources listed are suspect.
• If you are in doubt about a source, check with the DU library or with your instructor.

4) Plan your paper.
• You will need to include background facts and information from objective outside sources.
• You will need to analyze the information you find in the context of important business considerations and economic theory. This will be your own work, with supporting references that identify business and economic theory. The theoretical support can be from your textbook and from class resources such as PowerPoints, video, and papers. Be sure to cite all sources.
• Final check: Be sure that you have covered all of the major categories listed in the paper assignment.

Assignment: Submit answers to the following questions at the Pre-assignment submission link.


1) The Federal Reserve Brief identifies several factors that influence business location decisions. Choose one of these factors and briefly summarize it here. Include an in-text citation identifying the Federal Reserve Brief and add a reference at the end in APA format. It does not need to be on a separate page, but it should be in the format you will use at the end of your Final Paper.

2) Which Michigan City will you report on?

3) List one secondary source you will use in your paper that is specific to your city.

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