Which structured analytic technique did she use?

Which aspect of evaluating the effectiveness of using structured analytic techniques is the same whether one uses the key assumptions check, cross-impact matrix, or indicators validator?

A.Comparing individual with groups efforts that use the technique

B.Testing whether an analyst can challenge his or her own assumptions

C.Applying the technique to published indicators to see how many are validated

D.Interviewing analysts after they have used the technique to identify lessons learn


An analyst keeps having problems with one of his colleagues on a project. Each time he makes a change to suit her demands he ends up facing a new demand requiring even more changes. Finally, he decides that if they are ever going to complete this project, he must figure out exactly what her true interests are. In doing so, he hopes to cause a shift in which aspect of her conflict style?

A.Self Empowerment

B.Active Engagement




Following a very public, embarrassing failure, an intelligence organization worked hard to poll the needs, interests, and perspectives of its members in order to design a new conflict management system. The system worked very well until changes in the security environment forced changes the working conditions of its members, requiring more time away from home for work, lowering expense accounts, and reducing off-site advanced training opportunities. The organization’s members began complaining that their conflict management system no longer met their needs. What went wrong with the system that was established after the failure?

A.Nothing went wrong. Organizations are only as good as the people in it, so that went the its members develop a sense of entitlement the organization will see its conflict management system fail

B.Nothing went wrong. All functioning organizations are living entities in a constant state of change whose conflict management systems must be adapted to meet the demands of new conditions

C.The organization’s members spent too much time away from home working and not enough time training, which led to a decline in the overall readiness of the organization to meet new challenges

D.The organization’s leadership did not sufficiently involved the organizations members in the conflict management system design process, which led to a lack of commitment on the members’ part


What recommendation do Heuer & Pherson make regarding the composition of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)?

A.To create a new chair of research and development to consolidate lessons learned from within the intelligence community

B.To establish a new position to promote analytical tradecraft in the intelligence community based on lessons learned from recent operations

C.To create a new position to disseminate best practices for intelligence analysis from the strategic level down to tactical organizations with less funding

D.To increase the number of analysts working direction for the Director of National Intelligence under the direction of a vice chair for analytical tradecraft


An analyst reviews several recent studies published in the Journal of Law and Human Behavior about the detection of deception in human subject so that he can better evaluate the validity of a HUMINT source. What type of resource is he using?

A.Academic research published in a peer-reviewed journal

B.A non-governmental organization

C.A government-sponsored think tank

D.The research of a single subject matter expert in his or her field


An analyst has been tasked to produce an assessment of criticality on members of a criminal organization. He has already established which members have the highest measures of centrality. What MUST he also do to complete his assessment?

A.Cross reference the relationships’ driving forces with their motivations

B.Analyze the centrality of the members’ relationships

C.Analyze the functionality of the members’ relationships

D.Cross reference the ‘in’ measures of centrality with the ‘out’ measures of centrality


A military intelligence analyst has been tasked to provide a list of most likely routes an enemy will use to evacuate an area in response to an attack. She reviews intelligence information reports to determine which means of transportation an enemy uses, she conducts an analysis of the terrain to identify possible pathways of egress, and she produces a report responding to the tasking. Which structured analytic technique did she use?

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