Who are the players?

Make sure you find out as much information about your company, topic, or individual as you can. Tell what the circumstances were, how the scandal was discovered, why the legislation was needed, tell any interesting facts that will bring the story to life. Who are the players? Do you think the outcome fit the crime or circumstances? Do you think the right people were brought to punishment? Did the legislation work? Were you able to find red flags that might have preceded the unethical behavior? What are the lasting implications of this situation. Who was hurt by the unethical behavior? Have fun with this and make it interesting!

The paper should be at least 3 pages, double-spaced in length. You will need to cite your sources (at least three) and you can format this any way you would like. You will submit your paper through Canvas.

Here are the choices you can choose from for your paper:

The end of Lehman Brothers

This paper is due on Tuesday, July 31 at 10:00 pm. There will be a significant penalty for late papers!!!

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