Why are these songs special to you?

course name: Songs of Protest, Songs of Praise.
the professor’s instruction below:
Taking a course is about learning new things, encountering new ideas, and new people as well–not just the other class members, but, in this class, singers and song types. You’ve reflected already on music as a personally and socially. This time I’d like to have you take it to a new level, because I’m curious about what you will be taking with you when you walk out this door for the last time. So here’s what I’d like to have you do.

Thinking back over the songs and performers you’ve encountered this semester, which five do you expect you’ll remember ten or more years from now? Consider any reason–lyrics, the emotional nature of the performance, anything at all. There are videos for many songs on the websites, and others, no doubt, in your resource folder. If the songs don’t include lyrics on the video, and you want a clearer sense of them, one of the best places to visit is Lyrics.com. Why are these songs special to you?

here is the website of the course to find the 5 songs:

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