Why did the Muslim brotherhood fail in Egypt?

1-Discuss the emergence and growth of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from the 1930s through the 1950s.
2-begin by outlining and empirically evaluating possible explanations for the organization’s growth based on (1) theories of political Islam and (2) the concept of political opportunity structure in social movement theory.
3-discuss the political issues and conflicts that the Muslim Brotherhood had with the Egyptian government, specially during the time of president Jamal Abdul.
4-CIA and Muslim brotherhood ally to oppose Egyptian president Jamal Abdul Nasser 1954-1970.
5-The role of the Muslim brotherhood during Arab spring in Egypt. Did they seize the revolution to gain democracy , or did they use it as an opportunity to fulfill their political agenda, or both. Discuss this point and provide some examples.
6-Why did the Muslim brotherhood fail in Egypt.

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