Why is the article important knowledge for the general public?

Journals: Throughout the semester you will find a total of 4 recently dated (within 2 weeks of submission) articles that discuss a new biological issue. Your article may come from a newspaper, magazine, scientific journal, or a credible news/journal website on the Internet (i.e. Sciencedaily.com, nationalgeographic.com, etc.). Refer to the Lecture Schedule on the last page of this syllabus for each of the due dates. Journal requirements: 1. You must cite the source article for your journal. This citation must include the date, article title and complete website URL or magazine, newspaper, journal, etc information. No citation; no grade. 2. Write a one-page maximum paper discussing your answers to the following questions:  Summarize the article and discuss how the new information was discovered (type of research, observation, human subjects, etc.)?  How did the article enhance your understanding of the biological issue OR in what ways did it disagree with your past knowledge on the subject?  Why is the article important knowledge for the general public

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