Would you describe the production you saw as Presentational or Representational?

You are required to write one (1) performance treatment paper. This paper is to be based on the viewing of the Department of Theatre’s production of 1984.

The performance treatment assignment is meant to apply things we’ve been learning in class directly to a theatrical production created by the Department of Theatre.

QUESTIONS YOU MUST ADDRESS: We do expect formality and proper academic writing style in your answers. Any supporting outside research should be cited properly using the appropriate MLA style guide. For such a style guide you might visit the library, an internet resource, or the Writing Center. It should be about 5-6 pages in length.

1. Would you describe the production you saw as Presentational or Representational? (See text pgs. 15-16 for definitions.) Give specific examples to support your conclusions.
2. Describe the central conflict of the production you saw. (See text pg. 34 for definitions.) Give specific examples to support your conclusions.
3. Examining the actor’s work- would you describe the acting in the production you saw as “OUTSIDE” (or external/presentational) or “INSIDE” (or internal/representational)? (See text beginning on pg. 40 for definitions.) Give specific examples to support your conclusions. It is possible there existed a mix of the two- be sure to support your claims with specific examples.
4. Examining the director’s work- what specific elements of staging within the production stick out in your mind and what made them memorable? (See text pg. 174 for staging examples.) Be sure to include specific supporting examples from the production.
5. Describe, in specific detail, the final moments of the play in terms of actual events as well as how those events related to the central conflict. Ch. 4 The Playwright may be a useful resource. Was the central conflict resolved? If so- how? If not- why do you think it was not resolved? Give specific examples to support your conclusions.
6. Please offer your thoughts as to why the theatre producers or organization would choose to produce the production you saw. Support your conclusions with specific examples.
7. What do you feel the production you saw communicated to the audience? Support your conclusions with specific examples.
8. What appealed to you about the production and why? This evaluation can be via the play itself, the production, or technical aspects. You may find it useful to include some examples from the designers’ and technicians’ work as covered in chapter 5. (You don’t have to “like” the whole production, but we do want you to focus on at least one something that appealed to you. Provide a specific example and explain why.)

HOW WILL I BE GRADED? This assignment is worth 180 points. 20 points will be assigned based on evaluation of format (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like). Each question above will be worth 20 points each. You will be evaluated by assessment of the following: Did you completely answer the questions provided? How successfully did you apply concepts from class to practices in production through your brief answers? Is it clear you attended the production?

Note: Should it be determined that you did not attend the performance you will forfeit the grade for this assignment. By submitting a performance treatment for a production which you did not attend you will also be subject to the course plagiarism policy- please see the syllabus for details.

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