Write a 1500 to 2000 word essay on a medical topic of your choice from chapters 7-13.

Write a 1500 to 2000 word essay on a medical topic of your choice from chapters 7-13. You may write about multiple medical topics as long as the essay makes sense. For example, you could write about a pregnant woman who is also diabetic and asthmatic. Use at least 40-50 medical terminology words , abbreviations and/or acronyms in your essay.This is NOT a group project and plagairism is not acceptable. You may write your essay in any form you choose such as a case study or a story for example. If discussing an actual patient, use an alias… remember HIPPA guidelines.You may use a condition you or a family member has had. If you are at a loss as to a subject, I would recommend watching “House” and writing your paper about the show’s topic or issue. Proper grammar and spelling are a must and will constitute 50% of your grade. The other 50% of your grade will be the accuracy of your medical information and organization of your thoughts. Submit your work in a double spaced, 12 Font , Word document. In the subject line, put your name and the word essay.

I have attached my rubric so that you can see what criteria must be followed to get an A!

it needs to be chapters in this book.

McGraw hill medical term
Medical Terminology HSC-1531-19613
chapter 7-13

I would not be able to provide this information.

” Please provide me with the rubric if there is any. Please also let me know chapter 7-13 indicated in the instruction are found in which book. Looking forward to your prompt response ”

You should have it.


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