write a reflection in your journal

Ethical Researcher JournalResearchers not only have to design studies that is ethical, but they must hold themselves ethically accountable as well. One way for researchers to check their own ethical standards is to continually self-reflect during the entire study process. Prompt Your final assignment of the course is to write a reflection in your journal. The reflection will be visible only to the instructor. To that end, you will write about your role as a researcher and any issues (personal or professional) that you should consider before/during/after conducting research. Discuss some of the personal as well as professional issues that may inhibit your ability to act as a neutral researcher. Consider any prejudices and biases you may have, or stereotypes you may hold about certain populations, cultures, communities, etc. Some questions to consider when formulating your answer:
● What are the primary obligations of a researcher? o Is it to answer the research question? o Protect study subjects? o Find grants?
● Do you have personal or professional issues that may impact your ability to conduct research in the most authentic way?
● Do you have certain biases, prejudices, or stereotypes about the participants in your study? The way you think about others may influence the way you design your study.
● Do you have a preconceived notion of what the study result should be? In other words, do you want a certain answer to come from this study? Guidelines for Submission: Your journal entry should be between 250–400 words in length, addressing all of the questions listed above. All references should be cited in APA format.

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