Our Writers

Here at AcademicResearchWriters.com we want to be sure that we get better month after month and we will provide unique custom writing services for students at various stages of their academic careers. Starting at high school level we progress through to Ph.D.

What We Want From A Writer

We will receive requests from all over the globe from writers who want to be able to work for us and this gives us the chance to only employ the best. They need to prove that they can write to the level we require and those who can’t do not get employed. Tests are in place and if there is not perfect English written then they will not progress any further. For the ones who have got through that test, there is the formatting test and anyone who cannot use MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian will go no further. Speed is another test as we have to work to deadlines and more will not make it past this test. Speed takes into account both how long it takes to produce a paper and how much time is needed to research a subject. As we often do not have long to get a job to a client, we have to be extra sure that the writer can be fast and that speed does not come at the expense of accuracy. At times we will be asked to hand over work in a matter of hours. The last test is to determine how well educated they are and which subjects they will be able to write on.

Ongoing Tests for Ability and Advancement.

We are very strict when it comes to checking the quality of work passing through our hands and we insist in the best. We will not deal with writers who cannot meet our standards. There are a number of ways that we asses our writers and we do have help from clients. Recently written articles will be randomly checked and as long as they meet our requirements there is no problem. The level of English is also checked just in case they have fallen into the habit of using slang or the incorrect form of English. Clients are also asked to leave their views and we take their opinion into account.

How Do We Monitor Writers?

There are a few ways that we check our writers in detail. 3 papers that have been written in a 2 week period are read and marked by a qualified editor. The scores obtained are averaged and that is the number used. We will also ask the editors to take into account the level the writer was writing to, the subject matter and if it was a short or long timescale. Lastly we check that they are able to produce work in all their favored subjects.

The great thing about doing it this way is that it does not take long and provides good results. We will pick up problems early on and work with the writer to help them get back to the necessary standard. Writers will move up and down the standard board and this will affect what is charged for their work. If a writer slips and does not pick themselves back up, they will find that we cannot give them work. Writers considered to be advanced will cost more to be hired than ones lower down the scale and prices will vary. Regardless of the writers’ level at the time, if you have a favorite, it will be safe to employ them for your latest project.

Where Do Our Writers Live?

As we work online, our writers can live anywhere in the world and still be employed by us. It is standards not location that matters. Most of them are in English speaking countries with the main ones being Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA. They must be able to write English to a good level and be able to demonstrate that they are prepared to research a topic until they have the right amount of detail to produce a good paper. They need to be aware of how an academic paper has to be presented and this is just as important for a high school paper as it will be for one going towards a Masters. All levels in between also have to be of high standards. Even if English is not a first language, we will use writers if they are able to prove that they can reach the level we need. When placing an order it is possible to request that a writer does have English as their first language.

Delegating Orders

There are various ways of deciding who will be given an assignment. Their area of expertise will always be something that will be high on the list, but we will also take into consideration the amount of experience they have and how well they will be able to write to the academic level asked for. We will not overload a writer however popular they are as that is not fair to them and could affect their level of work.

Can I Find Out The Level of My Writer Before Employing Them?

For $5 you can see what your writer has produced in the past and this will help when it comes to selecting the writer that you want. Writers are able to put in bids for work and this means there will not be a fee to see what they can do. Having seen their work, the decision is yours to make.

We want to make sure that there are no problems for you when you deal with us and hope that we can be beneficial to your academic career.

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