2 page personal letter on a book Improvising medicine by Julie Livingston

Short writing assignment.
2 pages
at least 3 sources from the book and quote it correctlybased on Improvising medicine by Julie Livingston (
https://www.scribd.com/doc/241005244/Livingston-Improvising-Medicine )
there\’s a short version of it in the netDescription and instructions are attached.Paper guidelines:
-Use the normal format of a personal letter (i.e. “Dear Dr. L… Sincerely, Dr. P)
-Type in 12pt, Times New Roman or Garamond font
-1 inch margins
-Number all pages
-Cite all quotations AND paraphrased text using the author’s last name, the year of
publication, and the page number, like this: “The girls at al-Khatwa Secondary School
contend with such struggles in very personal and everyday ways” (Adely 2012:17).

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