How did this claim of U.S. jurisdiction over nearshore waters affect maritime boundaries throughout the world?

Comment on the 1945 Truman Proclamation concerning territorial ocean boundaries.

2. What was Truman’s claim?

3. How did this claim of U.S. jurisdiction over nearshore waters affect maritime boundaries throughout the world?

4. To what extent do current conflicts over water territoriality have their roots in Truman’s proclamation? Consider, for example, the current territorial disputes between China and Japan in the East China Sea.


Directions: Search for three (3) peer reviewed research articles that will serve as the basis for your homework this week.

Then write a 4-5 page (not including title page and references), double-spaced, APA-formatted essay that addresses the following:

Select any country that was covered in this course ( Here are the Realms we covered: Pacific Realm, Austral Realm, Asian Realm, Middle East and North Africa, Americas Realm, Russia Realm, European Realm).
Address the following as they relate to the country you have selected:
Spatial Theme: mapping, spatial processes and patterns, analysis; this includes such themes as population and settlement
Areal Studies/Regional Theme: describing regions on the earth in terms of cultural, economic, and other features; this includes cultural coherence and diversity, economic and social development, and geopolitics
Human/Environment or Man/Land Theme: nature’s impact on humans; human impact on nature; environmental perceptions, cultural use of the landscape; this includes themes such as cultural coherence and diversity
Environmental Geography: understanding how water, air, soil, rock, and vegetation interact in both process and form on the earth; also commonly referred to as physical geography; includes how humans impact the physical environment
Your essay should provide a “snapshot” of the country. On reading your essay, anybody should be able to feel as though they have visited the country and can learn a great deal about the geography of that nation.

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