Could I use this information as a form of procatalepsis so as to offer a rebuttal?

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts (Note: 2 of my colleague’s responses are copied below, I need one response for each person) in at least one of the following ways:

· Explaining how and why you see things differently

· Validating an idea with your own experience

· Expanding on your colleague’s posting

· Building on something your colleague posted

Laquanda’s Post:

Said best by Zora Neale Hurston: “Research is a formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” With that said, the tool organizer for research is one that I plan to use throughout the time that I am in this program to poke and pry most effectively. Research requires organization, and with the extent of research that will be done throughout the course of this program, organization is definitely needed. The tool had many elements that I knew were important to understanding published information. In modifying this tool, I would like to keep the categories that are already created, but I would like to modify it so that it fits the needs of my research. The impact of the article on my views. I could do this by adding categories that ask these questions. I think this category will be important because it will allow me to rate the categories based on the needs, my needs, of the research.Could I use this information as a form of procatalepsis so as to offer a rebuttal? How will this information be used is a very important question to the research process. I would add some more personal categories to this organizer in order to assure that I am able to use this information most effectively. Many institutions have found the need to refine the research process and to ensure that the research process is an effective, progressive one (Huong, 2015). As an individual researching a subject matter pertaining to higher education, I want to be able to benefit from the research as well. Research is not just for those who read it after publication, but it is also for the researcher. Therefore, the outcome of the research and the benefit of this research to myself is important, and I want to be familiar with the research from different perspectives so as to be able to comment on all possible outcomes of the research. Although this is so, I have to explore this research from my perspective first. Adding this part to the organizer would give me a chance to begin this process. I do question whether or not the perspectives found on certain text will change as the research continues. I could even add a category to add this information, especially since much of the articles and documents will be explored several times before actually used.

Huong Nguyen, T. L., & Meek, V. L. (2015). Key Considerations in Organizing and Structuring University Research. Journal of Research Administration, 46(1), 41-62.

Arshaneka’s Post:

From reading and downloading research articles from the Walden University’s Library database, I discovered that I (among the others in this case study group), are not alone when feeling like the school in our case study needs to update curriculum to produce more work-ready students. Stumbling across many journal articles, I found The Journal of Research Administration, The Internet and Higher Education and The Journal of Higher Education all have articles support our reasoning. Statical data found in these journals proved that it is in the college best interest to provide more courses related to the globalization of our country. “It is the college and university’s job to produce students to change the world, not just their communities, but to be top candidates and keeping our great afloat”. (Williams 2015).

While currently being working in employed at my local University, I can agree with Williams in his article. If I can modify his article I would add a section on the students. We all have be focusing on the university offering more progarm but we’ve failed to mention rather or not if these students would be taking full advantage of the new programs offered. Will they participate in work-ready programs? And will they be willing to do the work ensure gainful employment post graduation? So from Williams, I am seeing these changes differently, I still agree that the changes are needed but what will we do as a college to ensure that our students are receiving the full benefits of the changes we would like to make

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