4 essays on literature and 1 critical analysis on movies

1.) 750 Words on Nietzsche\’s views on advantages and disadvantages of history and memory.2.) 500 word essay
Review – The 18th Brumaire of Napoleon.
Write based on readings of interpretation of Marx\’s theory of history.3.) 750 words on Marx\’s versus Nietzsche theories
Compare and contrast Marx theories with those of Nietzsche based on reading of On the Advantage and disadvantage of history for life. List three similarities and three differences between these approaches.4.) 500 Word Essay – Examine Hamlet\’s memories and cite evidence in the Oliver Production suggesting whether Hamlet is using history for one of its beneficial purposes. To what extent is his use or mis use of history a factor in making Hamlet a tragic figure?Material: The Ending of Hamlet
Karl Marx
Nietzsche on Time and History5) 800 words – critical analysis of moral conflicts in Chocolate and Amelie with respect to roles played by national identity sexuality and ethnicity in these conflicts. what are the roles played by each. Give two examples taken from list of moral conflicts from each film.

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