Create a detailed flowchart for your process.

Brainstorm how to find and return a group of random numbers. You also need to consider that your function must return either Powerball or regular Florida lottery numbers but not both. It must contain the following:

a. At least one function.

b. Any functions created must use arguments and parameters.

c. A value must be returned for each function.

d. You must not use “main code” variable inside of a function; you must pass values in as arguments and out as returned values.

e. All user prompts must be validated using a while loop.

f. Create a detailed flowchart for your process.

g. Keep in mind that the regular Florida lottery has six random numbers between 1 and 53; the Powerball lottery has five random numbers between 1 and 59 and a Powerball between 1 and 35.

• Each random number must be different; a lottery will never have two of the same number unless it is the final Powerball number.

• You should have at least one prompt to ask the user if they want the numbers for the Florida lottery or for the Powerball lottery

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