5 questions on Modern History of the USA

Answer the following 5 questions, 1 paragraph with 100 words per question:Answer the following questions in a single paragraph format. Remember a paragraph has a topic sentence along with supporting evidence. Make sure to use the assigned readings and videos to answer these questions and cite all source material.1. What affect did the Cold War have on the United States domestic policies?
2. How did Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan differ in their approaches to the economic problem of Stagflation?
3. How did “conservative” Americans respond to the transformation of culture in the American cities during the 1920s?
4. What role did race play in the way that the United States waged the Second World War?
5. What do you believe is LBJ’s biggest legacy?Each needs a one paragraph response and needs to be cited with primary sourcesso these paragrpahs each need to be cited with a primary source, absolutely no outside sources can be used because last time i used one outside source and my teacher gave me a 5/10 on that answer -___- hes really mean about it.ATTENTION: Use only in class sources that are required and they are online. it requires 3 (three) primary sources, also needs the book A different mirror by takaki incorporated in it.

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