Advocacy Project

This advocacy project is muti-model project followed the HCP project you wrote for me before. I will attach the HCP project under. This advocacy project is finding one or two solutions to the Problem in the HCP project (Problem:employment after prison for the former prisoner) In this project, Advocate a solution and use evidence to explain why advocate this solution and how can we apply this solution. For example, finding a good model that already solve the problem of employment for the former prisoners in some region. And how can we apply this good model widely in U.S. Why this model is useful and how it has been succeed ? in what aspect? in what extent? Use 12 citations in this research paper and use some of citations in the HCP project. Use some graph/model to show how the solution is effective if you can find. I will also attached the prompt of this Advocacy Project below and a good sample of the Advocacy project. Thanks for writing my paper last time!! its really good.

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