Analyze the following Business Case Problems and answer questions pertaining to each Case Problem.

Case Activity 2: Basic Case Problems

Analyze the following Business Case Problems and answer questions pertaining to each Case Problem.

Use the basic steps in legal reasoning form “IRAC method” Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion along with the Facts for each case.

Paper should be in APA Format along with cite/reference page. No more than 3 pages Non Plagiarism paper.

Please see below the cases and use the “IRAC” method along with Facts for each case.

Case Problem 6-4: Spotlight on Intentional Torts – Defamation.

Case: [Yeagle v. Collegiate Times, 497 S.E. 2d 136 (Va. 1998)]

Question: What is Collegiate Time’s defense to this claim?

Case Problem 6-5: Proximate Cause

Case: [Henderson v. National Railroad passenger Corp., _F.3d_ (10th Cir. 2011)]

Question: Was Amtrak negligent?

Question: What was the proximate cause of the accident?

Case Problem 7-9: A Question of Ethics: Dangerous Products

Case: [Calles v. Scripto – Tokai Corp., 224 Ill.2d 247, 864 N.E.2d 249, 309 ILL. Dec. 383 (2007)]

Question: A product is “unreasonably dangerous” when it is dangerous beyond the expectation of the ordinary consumer. Whose expectation-Calles’s or Jenna’s applies? Does the lighter pass this test?

Question: Calles presented evidence as to the likelihood and seriousness of injury from lighters that do not have child-safety devices. Scripto argued that the Aim N Flame is an alternative source of fire and is safer than a match. Calles admitted that she knew the dangers presented by lighters in the hands of children. Scripto admitted that it had been a defendant in several suits for injuries under similar circumstances. How should the court rule? Why

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