Analyze the essay from a Kantian social contract points of view highlighting its strengths and weakness.


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Course: Information Technology Legal and Ethics. The field of study is Business. (I didn’t find it)

This assignment is 4 pages.


Write four pages, double spaced, a paper analyzing the dual (double) government––how two governments function—using Immanuel Kant’s duty ethics and the Social Contrast Theory. In corporate ideas we have discussed in class about how the social contract theory has shaped the creation of the US constitution. Follow ether APA or MLA writing standards.

Follow these steps:

1.Briefly summarize the main points of the dual government thesis.

2.Give a short account of how the social contract theory works.

3.Analyze the essay from a Kantian social contract points of view highlighting its strengths and weakness.

Check all PDF and PPT files I attached before starting the work.

I will run the paper through Copyscape that homework market provides, and the result MUST be = ZERO.

The most IMPORTANT things for me:

1) Follow the ALL instructions carefully.

2) Use very simple language and idea because I’m an international student and I need to understand everything about my assignment from my assignment itself.

3) Finish it on time.

Check out attachments before you make Hand Shake to make sure all of them can be opened

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