Analyze the factors that led to the success and describe factors that led to the failure of diversification of these two companies.

A corporate strategy starts with understanding the current overall strategy of the company and ends with examining whether new business units may timely to increase the profits or market share through diversification. Companies such as General Electric have established the best-in-practice when it comes to creating diversified product lines. There are many examples of successful companies who have done this well. On the other hand, there are companies in which creating diversification have gone in other direction. Content Requirements This assignment examines the importance of a corporate strategy. Research and identify one company that had success with diversification and one company in which diversification was not a good strategic decision. (One of the videos linked in this module is a good place to begin your research.) o After identifying two companies, analyze the factors that caused the company to be successful and factors that led to an unsuccessful outcome. oo Examine publications that identify these characteristics. Assignment Mechanics o Your submission should be 4-5 pages, excluding the APA formatted title page and references page. o Please adhere to APA formatting standards

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