Are there certain times of the year that they are most likely to buy apples?

What do you know about EU?

2. What kind of services does EU offer to Taiwan?

3. Is EU good at shipping apples?

4. How often does EU send ships between Seattle and Taiwan?

5. How long does it take a ship to get to Taiwan?

6. Is it even possible to ship apples that far before they spoil?

Information about Washington Apples

1. When are apples harvested, and what happens to them after harvesting?

2. How are the apples shipped?

3. What kinds of apples do Washington State farmers grow?

4. What is the volume of apples that are exported?

5. What are the primary export markets for apples and how many apples are exported to each market?

Taiwan Expectations of Apples

1. What is the current consumption rate for apples in Taiwan? What kinds of apples do they prefer and why?

2. What are the Taiwanese buying habits, with respect to apples? How are they different than US consumers?

3. What kind of apples do people there prefer?

4. Are there certain times of the year that they are most likely to buy apples?

Information Tools to Solve Problems

How can you get the information you need? Identify at least six sources of information.

Explaining the Marketing Plan

1. What do these customers want to know about EU?

2. How can you convince them that EU could do the best job or better job than any other shipper?

Task #2: Write a Marketing Plan

Write a 1-page memo to the boss outlining the steps you will take to get Washington apple farmers and Taiwan grocery store owners to use EU (Would you meet with them, send them information about EU, take out ads, and try to match up buyers and sellers, etc.?).

Task #3: Write a personal reflection on the topic addressing the main objectives of your export marketing position. Consider the key factors that influenced your plan for the company’s market expansion. Also, reflect on the role of the Christian employee and discuss key biblical principles that support your position.

For your marketing plan to be a good one (and for you to get your $10,000 bonus) you really need to gear it to the needs of your customers: the apple farmers in Washington State and the grocery store owners in Taiwan

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