. Are these assumptions realistic? Under what conditions?

You should write case memos as if you are a senior manager of the firm discussed in the case. You should address the memos to the CEO and the Board of the Directors of the firm. You should assume that the recipients of the case memo are well aware of the firm so please do not simply summarize the case. Rather, you should offer professional recommendations (such as a specific course of action that the firm ought to take in order to address the assigned question). I am more interested in the quality of your analysis than in the accuracy of your conclusions. For each case memo, I provided a set of guiding questions in the Course Schedule of this syllabus. These questions should be your basis for the case memos. I have the following suggestions for the case memos:  There should be an introduction. State your recommendation in this introductory paragraph.  Don’t write long paragraphs. Break paragraphs in sub-topics such as opportunities, risks, current situation of the business and your arguments/recommendations.  No bullet points. Please write full sentences.  Present arguments with reasons, evidence and logic. Think about the assumptions that you are making while making your arguments. Are these assumptions realistic? Under what conditions?  Try to use numbers (sales, profit and market share) to provide evidence or to build your arguments. Remember, sometimes it’s easier to convince with numbers!  Consider pros and cons. Don’t be biased and consider only pros. Try to provide a balanced view.  Make sure you have a nice persuasive conclusion that supports your recommendation.  Finally, be professional – imagine yourself as a manager working for the company during the time of the case. The case memos should not be longer than three (3) single-spaced pages. Each case memo will contribute 10% towards your final grade for the course

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