Assessment task 2: Report critically analysing contemporary industry challengesl

Students produce a report that critically analyses the role and practices of advertising in the context of contemporary industry challenges and self-regulation. Students are to develop a theme reflecting an issue such as sexism, obesity, racism etc.(chose one of these) in advertising. The attendant research must address more than one perspective, (three perspective might be the best)e.g., that of opinion leaders, advertisers, award judges, creative and media agencies, consumers and/or other publics, such as advocacy groups and organisations. Reports must evaluate and include a minimum of three advertising examples(three ad MUST BE AUSTRALIAN AD) relevant to the chosen theme, and included in appendices. Students need to reflect on their findings and draw out implications for industry practice and their views on the efficacy (and relevance) of the regulatory bodies including the ASB (Australian Standards Bureau)and ACCC(Australian Competition& Consumer Commission). A discussion of possible themes will be raised in the first lectures.

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