Assignment About corporate venturing

Assignment About corporate venturing
2000 words
See the details attached.
The organization that you need to write about is HoldenA3 – Individual Report
This report must be presented in a professional academi
c report manner (cover page, table of contents,
use headings/subheadings, include page numbers, be
formaVed with square paragraphs etc.
Scenario • You have been contacted by the major shareholders at
General Motors (USA) to provide an accurate and current
analysis of their Holden subsidiary.
• Subsidiaries are a common feature of mul\\na\\onal
corpora\\ons who generally organise their businesses into
na\\onal and func\\onal subsidiaries
• A subsidiary is a business/organisa\\on that is completely or
partly owned (major shareholder) by the parent organisa\\on
and thus the parent organisa\\on normally controls the
ac\\vi\\es and policies of the subsidiary (therefore, Holden is
the Australian arm of General Motors).
• So you are working as a consultant to suggest a new
(internal, external or partnership) venture, (on an based
analysis of the Holden subsidiary) which will create rapid
• The report should be addressed to/wriVen for the
shareholders of GM.More details attached.You have to analyse all factors of company. Then, write the new venture for HoldenBesides, put all analysis in appendix part. Then, the main part is the new plan.See the sample attached.The reference is Harvard style!!!

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