Businesses rely on communication to handle day to day operations.

Write a minimum 1500-word paper, defending your stance on the argument. Include the following sections in your research paper:  Thesis: Main idea, stance, at least three clear claims
Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria
Body paragraphs: Please set up paragraphs in this format, except the thesis and conclusion:
1. Topic sentence, your argumentative claim, in your own words. Do not make this a question, but an authoritative claim that you plan on proving within the paragraph. 2. Source evidence supporting your topic sentence.
Evidence must be cited in APA format. 3. Your own discussion of the source evidence that connects it to your topic sentence, your bridge or warrant. 4. Repeat 2 and 3 as needed. 5. Add discussion of the opposition where it feels appropriate. 6. Concluding sentence, in your own words.
Remember to cite as many sources as possible to further strengthen your argument.  Conclusion  Discussion of opposition
Submission Requirements:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:  Font: Arial; Point-12  Line Spacing: Double  Length: 1500 words, minimum

Communication is a very valuable part of running a successful business. Businesses rely on communication to handle day to day operations. There are some skills and tools that are known to improve communication for a business. Here are a few skills and tools that can be used to help communication such as digital technology, ability to project oneself into the audience’s point of view, and conveying to others a message without commanding or dictating terms. These skills and tools I feel can be very useful in keeping a company running efficient and successfully. I do understand that it takes more than just communication to run a business but it is the backbone of the business.
There have been some major improvements over the last 30 years in communication. Digital technology is the biggest part of that improvement. Technologies such as cell phones, email, social networking, instant messenger, and skype. Wireless phones are a dominant form of communication in many countries. Text messaging is rampant, and the advent of the smartphone has enabled mobile phones to have PC functionality as well as the functionality to send large pictures and video files. The use of a hand-held device is nearly antiquated, as Bluetooth devices allows users to speak hands-free ( Email is a function of the internet, and businesses can use it to communicate important information too and between its employees. Emails can be retrieved from a host of devices such as cell phones, PDA’s, and computers. Emails are practically instantaneous from sender to recipient. Social networks such as twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, and skype enables users to interact instantly and effortlessly. Most businesses use their own internal messaging systems along with either yahoo or msn. These communication tools are a very valuable asset for businesses to operate.
Communicating is essential for life on the planet earth. So it’s even more important for businesses to earn revenue and succeed. Having good communication skills will increase a business’s chance to be the best. The ability to project oneself into the audience’s/opposition’s point of view helps everyone understand were each other is coming from. If everyone at the company can understand one another by seeing their point of view, problem can be solved easier and faster. When someone can understand what the other person’s point of view and why that person feels the way they do towards the given subject is an asset for that business. This skill is needed for a host of reasons within the business world. For example, if a client is complaining because certain shipments are late which in turn slows down their productivity

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