Case study 3. Applied statistics

Please, pick up and complete 8 questions in the Case study
Just a few reminders about case studies:Case studies are your assessments in this course. Treat them as you would a test.
Case studies focus on the application of the material so be sure you are comfortable with the material and have reviewed the videos, particularly those that specify “Application”.
There are no time extensions for case studies so please don’t ask.
If your submission is not done on time you lose 10% each day that it is late.
You MUST use the equation editor in case studies. If you are having trouble with it there is a short video on how to use the equation editor (below)
You are only guaranteed one submission on a case study.
You get two submissions ONLY if you complete your first submission in its entirety by the due date. This means that if you haven’t given your best effort on the case study or don’t COMPLETE every question, you will NOT get a 2nd submission.
The 2nd submission should incorporate feedback from me.
On the 2nd submission you only have to redo questions that you missed as well as any fill-in-the-blank or matching questions.
For free response questions you got right on the first submission just write “correct” and I will go back to check that you got the points.
On the questions you must redo, I grade them as a new submission. This means if you leave a question blank that you previously earned partial points on, your overall score on the case study could be lower.
To find your feedback, go into your grade center, click on the assignment name (in blue) and then on the grade (in blue).
If you are having trouble finding your feedback please watch the second video (below)
Case studies are only available for 10 days following the due date so make sure your second submission is done by then.
Once the case study is no longer available you should be able to see the correct answers by clicking on the same place you do for your feedback.
When working on your final project, incorporate the feedback you received on case studies as well as the correct answers to achieve your maximum grade.
Description-This case study is an assessment covering material from modules 5 and 6.
Instructions-Complete each item of the case study in its entirety using the equation editor where appropriate. Be sure to submit the complete case study by the due date in order for your professor to offer you a second submission.
Multiple Attempts-This test allows multiple attempts.
All the needed info and readings are in the dashboard.
Dashboard details upon acceptance.
Please, upload the answers you’ve completed.

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