Children’s Literature task and Poster

Please, complete 2 separate tasks
1. paper – 300 words
Read: Tunnell, M.O. (2008) How to recognise a well written book. In Tunnell, M. O. & Jacobs, J.S. (2008). Children\’s literature briefly.(4th Ed) Upper Saddle River:Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall pp 18-28Choose a high quality, award winning picture book published after 2010. After reading “How to recognise a well written book” analyse your chosen picture book for:the right words,
precise vocabulary,
figurative language,
music in language
understatement and
unexpected insights.
weak writing in your text
you may use summaries ( a reference list needed so I can add it to my whole assignment)!! The needed book is The three pigs by David Wiesber (see attached pic)
2. Poster – see attached example – just make the poster in a word document! It doesn\’t have to be made through any fancy programs – 2 hours
Design an attractive poster for parents highlighting the fact that good writing is a combination of top down and bottom up writing skills.Use Winch, Johnston, March, Ljungdahl and Holliday 260-267 (Topic 11) as a resource as well as relevant chapters from Grellier & Goerke on good writing. – you may use summaries – ( a reference list needed so I can add it to my whole assignment)!!

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