Compare this performance over time and with a valid benchmark (its industry leader, worst, average, or competitor of choice).

Each group of three students is required to prepare, write, and present a case study on one of the UAE major private or public companies or governmental agencies. The company or agency of your choice should be subject to an interesting strategic issue. Issues of interest include but not limited to: corporate mergers/acquisitions, new market penetration, severe competitive pressures, new market positioning strategy, innovative way for allocating of resources, selection of new top management, new organizational restructure, new strategic governance, new product/market scope, innovative way to achieve strategic harmony between firm components, new way of contributing to find solution to society problems, major outsourcing endeavor, creative new way to economize functional area operations, new approach to identify and exploit business (competitive) opportunities, aggressive way to compete against all odds, and creative way to invest in order to achieve superiority.
The written case study reports are to be prepared on group basis. These written analytic reports are due from all groups on the day they are scheduled (see the Schedule of Class Activities) and should be submitted in both hardcopy and softcopy. The soft copy should be emailed together with “Turn-it-in” report (showing 30% or less score) to the course instructor via the University e-mail system. Written case study reports turned in after the scheduled class period are eligible for a grade no higher than a C (and that only if the paper is otherwise an A or B+ paper). No late papers will be accepted if submitted more than 2 weeks past the scheduled due date (except by prearranged consent of the instructor).
All written case study reports are to be typed (double-spaced) and should be professional m appearance and format. Accurate spelling and good grammar are absolutely essential. The minimum requirements of a case study report should include the following sections:
1. General information on the company/agency, its business, and the industry it is related to. 2. Analysis of the industry structure (number of major competitors, industry market leaders, and how intensive the industry market is controlled by major competitors). 3. The company/agency’s specifics of internal environment components (marketing, operations/production, finance) and organizational structure. 4. The company/agency’s major external environment forces (other than competition). 5. Analysis of the company/agency’s competitive forces (how much effective are the company/agency’s producers of substitute products/services, possibility of new entrants to its market, customers’ bargaining power, suppliers’ bargaining power, and how powerful the company/agency’s existing rivals are). 6. How effective the company/agency’s top management is. Your objective evaluation of this top management performance. 7. Analysis of company/agency’s financial performance. Compare this performance over time and with a valid benchmark (its industry leader, worst, average, or competitor of choice). 8. Strategic issuers) facing the company/agency. 9. Your recommendation(s). 10. Expected trend in the future.
Papers which, in the opinion of the instructor, employ disproportionately poor grammar and poor quality written communication skills will be assigned a grade that is one-letter lower than would otherwise be assigned.
In general, the following elements (and structure) should be adhered to in the project paper
1. Introduction 2. Company history and background 3. Parent company history and background (if any) 4. Product-market characteristics 5. Industry structure: Try to use Porter’s Five Forces Model. 6. Competitive Environment: identify major competitors and provide limited information on their performances, strengths, weaknesses, etc. 7. Company performance review, at least for last five years, (these could be available from company annual reports, or company web sites), marketing operations, production, human resources and corporate culture and leadership, etc. 8. Management/Organizational structure of the company: 9. CEO/Managing director, other directors’ background, education, age and leadership (their brief background could be given in an appendix). 10. Current problems and difficulties (key/strategic issues to be resolved.) 11. SWOT and PEST 12. Porter’s 5 Forces 13. E-Commerce (OPTIONAL) 14. Vertical Integration and Outsourcing 15. Ethics and Leadership 16. Balanced Scorecard Strategy (OPTIONAL) 17. Blue Ocean Strategy (OPTIONAL) 18. Appendices 19. References

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