Complete a strategic plan for your organization of no more than 3,500 words.

Complete a strategic plan for your organization of no more than 3,500 words.

Update your plan to incorporate facilitator feedback from the drafts you submitted in previous weeks. Include the following:

Table of contents

Executive summary, with a 2-page maximum

Company background, organizational mission, vision, and value statements

Note. For a start-up, you should focus on the backgrounds and accomplishments of key anticipated management personnel. The goal is to convince the investor that these individuals are trustworthy and successful.

Environmental scan

Review of Week 4 strategies and a recommendation for the best strategy for your organization

Implementation plan including contingency plans for identified risks

Please use attached papers to compile final proposal. They are attached in order of when completed. Table of contents, and executive summary are the only sections not currently included in the other papers. All information should be able to be pulled and compiled from previous papers

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