Correlation between the Foundations in Criminal Justice text and the Billy Budd story

Your assignment for the third paper is to relate a topic from the Foundations in Criminal Justice text with a topic in the Billy Budd story. Any lesson in the Foundation’s book is acceptable. Some possible prompts are:On what stage of moral development was Captain Vere operating?Did Captain Vere’s final decision for Billy violate any of Dworkin’s rules: appeal to emotion, appeal to authority, rationalization, and/or prejudice?Would Billy’s fate been different if Vere was a pragmatist instead of an idealist?While Billy committed the act (actus reus) that killed Claggart, did he have the mens rea to be found guilty? (Chapter 8 &9)If Captain Vere would have been a pragmatist how would this altered his concept of law? (Chapter 3)Which model of the criminal justice system (mechanical, authoritarian, compassionate, or participatory) best reflects the Drumhead Court? Explain thoroughly.Explain how stuttering may be a reason for diminished capacity.MLA formatting if you end up citing the book.
no first person

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