Create a visual presentation – a PowerPoint, webpage, virtual poster, etc. – about your topic.

Now it’s time to begin a project in which you’ll research one of the many civil rights or civil liberties issues (within this course or something else you’re interested in) and prepare a visual presentation on the topic.

Run your topic idea by your instructor to be sure it is appropriate for this assignment
Research information about your topic, making sure to find at least 3 different sources to use for your presentation.
Create a visual presentation – a PowerPoint, webpage, virtual poster, etc. – about your topic. Be sure to include your full source list. Your presentation should give a summary of the topic. Since the amount and type of information varies depending on your topic, check with your instructor if you have any questions about what you should include.

When you complete the assignment, submit it to your instructor and move on to the section quiz.

Point value: 50 points

Grading Rubric:

Chosen topic is approved in advance and deals with civil rights or liberties � 5 points
Bibliography including at least 3 different sources is included � 10 points
Information is in presentation format (not an essay) � 10 points
Presentation presents a factual view of the topic, incorporating research information � 20 points
Presentation must include color, graphics, etc., to make it visually appealing � 5 points

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