Demographic information and vital health statistics about the country.

8 pages – APA format – Reference Page – – ONLY use sources that are college acceptable (not wikipedia).


identify relevant issues that affect United Kingdom in areas like cost, aging of the population, quality of care, access to care, and inequality in the way the healthcare is delivered (e.g., the rich vs. the poor).

include information on how the country is addressing these issues and challenges.

compare the U.S. health system with United Kingdom’s health system and discuss how the international community can come together in addressing healthcare issues using best practices from all over the world.


Demographic information and vital health statistics about the country
Current health status and brief history of the current healthcare system
Cultural, religious, social, and political factors that affect the health system
Challenges of the current healthcare system and issues being faced
Future health projection based on resources needed to address the country’s healthcare issues
Comparison of the selected country and the U.S. health system.
Recommendations on how this country’s health system can be improved

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