Demonstrate ability to organize and develop an 8 page paper.

Goals of Assignment
1.Gain a deep knowledge of a work of literature that interests you
2.Demonstrate ability to organize and develop an 8 page paper
3.Gain proficiency with an academic form critical for continued college success
4.Analyze a work using a literary theory
5.Learn to identify and apply relevant literary criticism
6.Use summary, quotes, paraphrases accurately
7.Use correct MLA format, including in-text citations and works cited.
8.Write a thesis statement appropriate for a longer paper
Do not write an announcement thesis
Your research will take a playwright (WHICH NOW IS TEMPEST) we will have studied this semester and use one of the literary theoriesnew critical, feminist, post-colonial(I PICKED THIS ONE), new historicalto render a deep analysis of a work.

Special considerations for this essay form
1. Incorporate no less than 4 critical essays/discussions (one of these may be historical data) in your analysis. In addition, use a minimum of one review or similar source that discusses the play in production.
2. Be sure your essay is well organized around a thesis.
3. Use quotes and paraphrases to support your claims and be sure that for each you have an in-text citation. Always avoid using long, block quotes unless it is absolutely necessary; however, if you have a quote that exceeds two lines, use a block quote. You must read and use the script of the play itself to support your ideas; you cant just use a film version. I expect you to include stage directions in your discussion.
5. The tone of the research paper is more formal; the tone you use is different from how your writer your personal responses, for example. Poetic language or first person experience is not appropriate. One exception to this guideline might be in your introductory paragraph, where you could indicate how your personal experience led to your research project.
6. Be sure your introduction is exciting, compelling. I strongly recommend writing the introduction last, once you know what you want to say. For conclusion, please do not just summarize what you just wrote! Write something interesting: how the play resonates today, for example.
Paper length is a full 8 pages, typed, double-spaced, using MLA style format. Prepare a works cited and be sure each item on your works cited relates to an in-text citation (the works cited should be page 9).

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