Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes (ACGM).

Peer-Review Reflection Essay 5% of overall grade This assignment will assess the following student Learning Outcomes and Core Objectives: 1. Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes (ACGM). 2. Critical Thinking: Creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and the analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information (THECB). 3. Communication: Effective written, oral, and visual communication (THECB). Students will meet the following assignment requirements: 1. Reflect on both previous solitary writing practices and recent peer-review collaborations. 2. Submit reflection essay to the “Peer-Review Reflection Essay” drop-box by Friday, December 5 at 11:59 p.m. Prompt Instructions: For this essay, you will need to write a reflection about your previous solitary writing rituals and practices and the adjusted writing practices you adapted after receiving feedback from your peer-review sessions throughout the semester in order to answer the following central question: How will both individual and collaborative modes of writing contribute to improving your future attempts at composing written, digital, and oral communication in your field of study? As with any essay, make sure this reflection paper presents a thesis statement that features two-three subtopics—keywords explaining what you have learned from both individual and collaborative writing experiences that may help improve your future writing. Note: You can adapt your organization and mode of writing to the sample essay in doc-sharing titled “Sample Reflection Essay” in the main Composition I folde

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