Describe a situation from your own life that relates to the topic that you are focusing on.

Pick what you think is the most interesting/important topic listed. Why did you choose the topic that you did? What did you know about your topic before this class, either from your own experience or from something that you have read or heard about in the past? Describe a situation from your own life that relates to the topic that you are focusing on. (1 -¬2 pages). (5points) Part 2: Google the topic that you chose and read at least ten links that emerge as related to your topic. It does not have to be the first 10 items, the items SHOULD NOT BE journal articles but more web pages related to products, news articles, blog posts, etc. Summarize the information from at least Five different sources in your paper. Use this information to come up with a question that is worthy of discussion and debate –write about that question in this part.(2 –3 pages). (5 points) Part 3: Choose at least one person you know to have a debate with about the question that your research in Part 2 has raised. Discuss this topic with them for at least 20 mins. Take notes on what was discussed and the ways in which what was shared has shaped your thinking about the question at hand. Report on the debate/discussion and its results. Draw some conclusions from the discussion, give details as to the ways in which what was said and what you have learned was used to shape your conclusions

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