Describe a well-known living person you admire: entertainer, writer, personality, or other who is well known.

Describe a well-known living person you admire: entertainer, writer, personality, or other who is well known. Do not write about someone you know, a family member, or other person who may have had an impact on you. Choose someone we all should know—a celebrity, athlete, musician, or politician. Do not use a fictional character, such as Sherriff Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead.

Tell why you admire this person and what they have done to deserve the public attention or fame they have achieved in their lifetime. Describe any factors in their earlier days that may have influenced them and led them to their success.

· A narrative essay illustrates and explains ideas. The purpose of narration is to interest the reader in a story that illustrates a particular idea clearly.

· A description provides the reader with a “word picture” of a specific person, the flavor of a special place, or the look of a particular object.

· This assignment is expository, an essay which gives facts and informs the reader about a particular subject (person), which you will do through narrative, description and other methods of development, such as example, and cause and effect, described in the Rules for Writers book (see “Choose a Suitable Pattern of Organization” on pages 54-61).

Format: MLA Style (see Rules for Writers).

Double space all (no extra space before or after title).

12 Pt. Font, Times New Roman or Cambria preferred.

Title is regular type, no bold, underline, or quotes—capitalize

first, last, and all major words in title. Title is centered.

Length should be 2-3 pages.

Put name/instructor/course # and section/date at top left.

Create a header containing your last name and page number at the top

right of the paper.

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