Describe exactly how you will or did go about solving the problem.

PUMPKIN ANALYSIS AND TECHNICAL BRIEF – Prepare a “technical brief” to communicate your results from the punkin chunkin exericise, following the guide (Section C2) for writing a “technical brief.” Be sure to include discussion of how you calculated the height of Mendel, and how you completed any other calculations. Be clear and concise. If you include tables, be sure to briefly present the tables in the text

( the hight is 49 ft and i used string to calculate it.)

Section C2. Guide for Writing a Technical Brief Identifying information ‐Provide your name, class section (i.e. A, B, or C), due date, name of assignment at a minimum. Introduction ‐ Describe the setting/situation of the problem. List the “Givens.” More often than not, a figure should be used here to augment your description. In a simple math problem, this would be the “Given:” section. Problem Description ‐ State the problem to be solved. In some cases it is appropriate to discuss why problem solution is important (for example, solving a trigonometry problem assigned from class would probably not require this, but solving a design problem would). Make sure to state explicitly what is to be “found.” In a simple math problem, this would be the “Find:” section. 7 Problem Solution ‐ Describe exactly how you will or did go about solving the problem. Be succinct and clear. Typically you should begin with general approach followed by specific steps that you took. Result/Conclusion/”Answer” (if appropriate) ‐ This should be highlighted very clearly – perhaps boxed, underlined, etc. Tables and Figures ‐ Any tables and figures included should be labeled (i.e. Table 1), and should be presented in the text so that the reader knows what to look for in that Table or Figure. This means that somewhere in the text it should say something like “As shown in Table 1, the configuration marked A resulted in the higher temperature.” A table or figure that is not mentioned in the text should not be included at all. NOTES: You may want to have a fellow student read your solution and try to follow it. If someone not familiar with the problem could not follow your solution, you have not been clear enough. Avoid being wordy in order to “fill up” the space but make sure that you provide enough information for the reader to:  understand the problem being addressed,  understand its context and importance,  be able to figure out how you went about solving the problem  assess the accuracy of your approach/equations used, etc. Note that this is a very general description of a technical brief. The needs of your particular case may require you to add a section or do something slightly differently. Clarity and communication are generally more important than adherence to a format.

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