Describe the Anatomy of organ, including its parts.

Written component – Health is a Battlefield Report Write the relevant Data for your Organ and Disease original wording crucial. Quotations must be clearly marked in italics or quotation marks as well as footnoted. Information should be footnoted as well. Bibliography assist: (Links to an external site.) Suggested topics. I. Describe the organ impacted by the disease – Organ ______________ A. Describe the Anatomy of organ, including its parts. Explain its place and general function in the organ system. Include dimensions and locations. B. Functions and physiology – how does this organ accomplish its unique functions (for example: contraction for muscle, or digestion for stomach, action potential for nervous system? C. Histology – describe the microscopic anatomy (cell types) and how the cells support the functioning of the organ 2. Describe the illness associated with this organ. Include: a. signs and symptoms b. Pathology, including Etiology: the origin or cause of the illness c. How does the illness cause its damage? d. Briefly Describe the fighting or treating of illness. How do these treatments help return normal functioning to the organ/patient?ource _ 3. Case study: explain the impact of this illness in the lives of individuals, choose a. OR b. (not both) a. Interview someone you know suffering from an affliction of the organ you have chosen, or a health professional who treats patients suffering with this ailment. Record or summarize the interview. b. Read an in depth case study from a book, magazine or other article. Summarize this case. Include source or name and date interviewed _ You may wish to include glossary of technical terms any terms a patient might not understand. Define in your own words, or include explanations in the body of the paper

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