Describe the design, e.g., descriptive, quasi-experimental, randomized control trial, etc.

Grading Rubric for Article Critique

1. APA style (5% of grade)
a. Cover page
b. Reference page at end of critique, list the references for the article and of texts you have cited, e.g., Plichta and Garzon (P&G).
c. In-text citations follow APA style
d. APA Manual is available at the
i. Swirbull Library
ii. Bookstore
e. Purdue Owl online overview of APA style

2. Study design (5%)
a. Describe the design, e.g., descriptive, quasi-experimental, randomized control trial, etc.
b. Indicate the number of groups of subjects
c. Describe how the design may have been improved, e.g., how might the researchers introduced randomization, increased the sample size, etc.?

3. Application to theory (5%)
a. Did the study utilize a theoretical basis?
b. If so, describe.

4. Methodology (70%)
a. Report
i. Protection of subjects rights to privacy and informed consent
ii. Are the research questions defined?
iii. Are the hypotheses stated?
iv. Sample size
1. Do you think it was large enough?
2. Do the authors discuss missing data?
a. If so, how did they handle it?
i. Tossed out
ii. Estimated it
v. Was the data normally distributed?
vi. Was the alpha-level stated?
vii. Was the reliability of the tools reported?
viii. Was the validity of the tools discussed?
ix. Appropriateness of the analysis
1. Correct statistical test (parametric versus non-parametric)
2. Defend your statements by citing P&G
x. Were the results displayed in an easy to read table?
xi. Were all of the important variables included in the analysis?
xii. Which biases may have contributed to an erroneous result?

5. Discussion (comparison of the findings to published literature) (5%)
a. Were the findings consistent with previous research, additive, or contrary?
b. Are the findings consistent with theory?
c. Are the findings logical or surprising?

6. Limitations (5%)
a. Are all of the main limitations of the study acknowledged by the authors?

7. Contribution to nursing science (5%)
a. Do the authors describe the results’ contribution to nursing?
b. Is their description comprehensive?

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